27 February, 2013

What is a Pinafore Dress?

According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia, a pinafore is ( in Britain)  a sleeveless dress worn over a blouse or sweater. US and Canadian name it a jumper. 

Despite growing up in Hong Kong, a British colony and living in Queensland, Australia for 22 years, I have not came across the word 'pinafore'. Yes, I am new to sewing and I found this pattern in a British magazine.  The British call it a pinafore dress and the Americans call it a jumper. I would just call it a dress in Australia. None of the online dictionaries tell me what Australians call a pinafore. To me, a dress it is.

I certainly don't think my girls will be wearing a blouse or a sweater under this dress in our warm summer days. They may wear a long sleeved T-shirt under it in winter. 

You will see more photos of these two reversible pinafores in my next post.  I am waiting for some good weather to get some beautiful photos of my girls in these dresses.

25 February, 2013

Water Bottle Carrier

I have a  request from a friend to make a water bottle cozie with a drawstring. I turned this idea into a water bottle carrier. It is easy to be carried around,  keeping your favourite drinks hot or cold and absorbing the condensation.
I used Insul Bright as batting, quilting wavy stitches for the seashell fabric and straight line  for the blue strips. There is no need to take bottle out of the carrier. The drawstring opening can allow the sprout to come out. I know my children would be too lazy to take the bottle out and put it back in.  This will give them no excuse not to drink water during the day.

Since my son lost the water bottle cozie on the first day of school, I don't like to see any more of my product getting lost.  I added a  ring tag on the side of the carrier. A name tag, key ring or lanyard can be easily attached to the carrier.

I gathered up all water bottles in my house. They  all fit into this water bottle carrier. Before these two are going to a new home. I  snapped a few more photos.