08 April, 2013

DIY Tutu Bag

I have not heard of a tutu bag until two weeks ago. Miss 7 and I went tutu shopping for her ballet solo costume. The lady at the shop suggested we store the tutu flat in a special tutu bag. 

It was fun making this bag with Miss 7.

I took Miss 7 to buy the fabric so that she can choose the material. She picked this pink roses to be the front of her bag. We chose the pink drill as the back of her bag as it is cheaper and more durable.

We worked together to cut out two 80cm diameter large circles. Then we thought it would be nice to put a few roses on the back of the bag. We ended up cutting a few butterflies from the scrap collections and some small circles of roses. Miss 7 and I spent some times arranging them on the 'back' of the bag.

By the time we were both happy with the arrangement, the plain pink back of the tutu bag is looking more like the front feature. This tutu bag now have two pretty sides.